Devil Mountain Diesel - Frequently Asked Questions

I am new to the diesel world and just bought a used diesel truck. Where should I start?

We recommend making an appointment for a used vehicle inspection. If you don’t have the service records from the previous owner, we recommend doing a basic service so that you have a baseline to build upon for your own service records.

What does “BulletProof” mean?

The 6.0L is not a "BulletProof Diesel" engine unless four of the five main pattern failures are addressed with genuine BulletProof Diesel parts. Take a look at our BulletProof Diesel Products tab for more info.

How often should I bring my diesel in for service?

We recommend doing an oil change every 5,000 miles and fuel filters every 15,000 miles. Interested in more service information? Give us a call. (925) 954-8582

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes, please call the office before bringing your vehicle over. (925) 954-8582

I don’t have to smog my vehicle, why do I have to comply with Federal Law?

Our shop is in CA, under CA Regulations we can not legally install aftermarket upgrades that do not comply with the law. Yes, not all states currently enforce such laws but no one knows what the future has in store.

We recommend that you take the safe route by complying with such laws.

I just bought a new diesel truck. What sort of upgrades and accessories do you all offer?

Take a look at our Devil Mountain Diesel Suspension & Performance tab to get some ideas. Looking for advice on your build? Give us a call.

Do you offer roadside assistance?

No, unfortunately we are not mobile.

I have a diagnosis from another shop, will you do the repair?

Absolutely. We start by verifying the diagnosis before moving forward with a repair.

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