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A Bullet Proof 6.0L starts with getting educated on the 5 main pattern failures that occur with this engine. These pattern failures are:

  • OEM Oil Cooler - The OEM oil cooler is a common source of failure. The small coolant pathways within the oil cooler can become plugged and this, in turn, can lead to failed EGR coolers as well as hot, thin engine oil. Our solution is the BulletProof Engine Oil Cooler.
  • OEM EGR Cooler - The OEM EGR Cooler is often blamed for being "the problem" on the 6.0L engine. While it is a common failure item, it often fails because of the plugged coolant pathways in the oil cooler. Understanding WHY this item fails is an important aspect to owning and operating one of these engines. Our solution is the BulletProof EGR Cooler.
  • Fuel Injection Control Module (FICM) Power Supply - The FICM is the electronic unit that controls the injectors on the 6.0L/VT365 engine. The FICM controls the injectors by sending 48V to the injectors at precisely the right time. Over time, however, the power supply built into this module can become tired and see the output voltage drop below the specified 48V. As this voltage drops, the performance of the injectors (and therefore the entire engine) will suffer. Upgrading this power supply with the Bullet Proof Diesel version is the only long-term path to reliability. Our solution is the BulletProof FICM Power Supply.
  • Head Studs - The 6.0L engine utilizes ten head bolts per cylinder head to affix the head to the engine. To help minimize blown head gaskets, companies such as American Racing Products (ARP) have developed head studs to replace the factory head bolts. For various engineering reasons, a head stud allows for a higher clamping force than a similar bolt does, thereby increasing the reliability by reducing the chance of a head gasket failure or stretched head bolt. We have complete head gasket kits available for you.
  • The OEM Water Pump - The OEM water pump comes equipped with a plastic impeller. The pattern failure observed on this water pump is that a crack can develop within the impeller, greatly decreasing the amount of engine coolant that the pump is able to move throughout the engine. Our solution is the BulletProof Water Pump.

Now that you’ve educated yourself on the common failures, take a look at the common routes we take for install.

Level 2 BulletProof Reliability Starts With These Two Upgrades

The BulletProof Engine Oil Cooler and EGR Cooler are a MUST for a reliable 6.0L. The EGR Cooler is a well known failure item - and the Engine Oil Cooler is like an insurance policy - one that protects your engine, bearings, turbo, injectors, etc - everything that comes in contact with your engine oil depends on that oil cooler for reliability.

  • Devil Mountain Diesel BulletProof Engine Oil Cooler

    BulletProof Engine Oil Cooler

  • Devil Mountain Diesel BulletProof EGR Cooler

    BulletProof EGR Cooler

At This Time We Would Recommend Other Upgrades As Well:

  • Devil Mountain Diesel BulletProof FICM

    BulletProof FICM

  • Devil Mountain Diesel BulletProof Water Pump

    BulletProof Water Pump

  • Devil Mountain Diesel BulletProof Cooling System Upgrades

    BulletProof Cooling System Upgrades

Level 3 BulletProof

This would include all of the mentioned failures addressed by Level 2, but it also includes head gaskets with ARP Head Studs.

At this time, the cylinder heads are pressure checked for cracks and machine work is completed as needed. This repair is typically done by removing the cab, at which time a complete inspection of all engine mechanical subsystems is performed and recommendations will be made as needed.

Once the job is completed, our office staff will go over the repair with you and send you off with some Devil Mountain Diesel gear! We take pride in our work and we hope you do too.

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